NESA is a federal organization, and does not work under Abu Dhabi police.

The classes will be separated for boys and girls at the camp. However, the location is the same.
The knowledge you take at the camp helps you understand more about computers and hacking. Moreover, you will learn basic skills that will help you protect your devices.
We do not provide transportation. However, if there was a big number of students who can meet at one point for pick up like their school, we will consider providing transport for that area.

Of course, parents need to approve having their kids involve in the camp. Moreover, a parent session will take place on the first day of the camp.

Yes sure, the program is made to build awareness and understanding, followed by building skills in cyber security.

Students will be grouped into teams, the team doesn’t need to have students from the same school. Students can be from different schools and form a team. Therefore, the competition is between teams not schools.

The curriculum is designed to fit student’s levels from 6 to 12. When it comes to hacking, age is not a variable.

The topics are shared in the website, materials are shared at the camp only.

No, the program reaches out all nationalities from all UAE schools whether they are in private or government schools.