Cyber Quest Rounds

Roadshow Round

Yearly, Cyber Quest team in coordination with educational institutions visit schools and universities across the UAE to introduce Cyber Quest and the criteria of participation, and encourage students to participate. Also, student will be able to register through the website.


Training Round

The program starts in winter holiday, Where training locations are set and equipped to train the selected students according to the requirements, and familiarize them with the various aspects of cyber security to enhance, develop and refine their skills in preparation for the final competition:

• School students:
Students will receive training on the basics of programming, site programming, encryption, smart phone applications, cyber threats and open source media to qualify them for the final competition.

• University students:
Students will receive training on penetration testing, network traffic analysis, web applications’ vulnerabilities analysis and attack techniques and detecting and tracking down malware.

At the end of the Training Round, students will be evaluated to choose the qualified students for the next rounds.


Preliminary Round

Qualified Students will be invited to attend the Preliminary Round to form teams and to be trained for the final competition. In this Round, they will be also given the opportunity to learn about their team members and their skills.


Cyber Quest Competition

The final competition follows the style of global competitions, which includes various skills in cyber security:

School challenge - Capture the flag competition
University challenge - Cyber Exercise Competition