About Cyber Quest

Cyber Quest is a fun and exciting program initiated by the Signals Intelligence Agency (previously known as National Electronic Security Authority) which aims to raise awareness about cyber security among school and University students, and identify caliber in this dynamic field.

The program is divided into two competitions, as follows:

School challenge- Capture the flag competition
The Competition will be executed in the form of challenges that student needs to overcome and collect the biggest possible amount of points depending on how fast they solve the problems and used supported tools.

University challenge – Cyber Exercise competition
It is an attack/defense style competition, students receive training on how to protect their networks and to defend against cyber attacks carried by the attacking team. Teams are scored based on their performance in defending their infrastructure, and protecting it form being defaced or compromised.

About Signals Intelligence Agency

The Signals Intelligence Agency (SIA) is a federal agency creating a collaborative culture in information security and innovation. The purpose of the Agency is to create a secure digital environment to secure the pace of progress in the UAE. Moreover, the Agency is mandated to defend the nation’s critical infrastructure against all cyber threats, through the adoption of the latest technologies. Furthermore, the Signals Intelligence Agency has established a new approach that focuses on attentiveness and prevention against cyber threats, along with building national capabilities by promoting research and innovation.